Estudiantes sealed their classification with a win in Paraguay

Estudiantes sealed their classification with a win in Paraguay

Estudiantes, with a great performance, thrashed Tacuary 4-0 in the Paraguayan Defensores del Chaco for the fourth date of Group C of the Copa Sudamericana and remains undefeated with three wins and one draw.

The goals were all in the complement, of Leonardo Godoytwo of Mauro Boselli (he became the club’s all-time goalscorer in cups) and bareiro against his own fence.

Estudiantes have already played their three away games (won 2 and drew 1) and will close at home against Bragantino and Oriente Petrolero.

Boselli, for his goalscoring ability, José Sosa for his handling of the game and Leonardo Godoy, they were the highest points of performance in a very even team.


Students He was the absolute dominator of the first half of the game, but the lack of efficiency when defining did not allow him to break the zero in the rival goal.

For a flu state of Luciano Lollo and a contracture (he didn’t want to risk it from the start) of Benjamin RollheiserCoach Eduardo Dominguez decided to put a line of 4, two forwards well from the area as Boselli and Cheek, and a midfield with more play, with the inclusion of bland by Santiago Ascacibar.

The La Plata team bet everything to win. at 12 minutes Leonardo Godoy tried the goalkeeper Servin, a minute later Gastón Benedetti shot a cross from the left, Cheek won high, but the ball hit the post.

The monologue continued at 27 minutes with a shot from Matias Godoy, who controlled Servin and then two chances to Boselli. The first at 36 when he tried a Chilean but the shot went wide and then in an appearance at the far post but his shot went over the top.

There were also two plays for controversy. The first at 32 minutes when a penalty was requested against Matias Godoy at the door of the area and at 39 when a goal from Leonardo Godoy for a forward position.

Tacuary He never reached Mariano Andújar’s goal clearly and only came close with a couple of centers that did not pose a risk to the red-and-white captain.

in the plugin Students He was forceful and did not forgive a weak Paraguayan team. At 19 minutes they combined on the right Godoy, double wall, matias enabled it to Leonardo, who hit a strong forehand up top to break equality, and three later, in a counterattack between Matias Godoy with Benedetti, the side saw him Boselli at the door of the area and from his left foot he put it in the left corner of Servin’s goal for 2-0.

The team of Dominguez He went for more, he did not settle. Leonardo Godoy He had another clear chance but his shot went high. at 30 minutes bland enabled Más, who launched a cross into the heart of the small area and bareiro He wanted to reject and put it in his own bow to put things 3 to 0.

The fourth came immediately after a cross mancuso to the far post and again Boselli, now upside down, to make it 4 to 0.

Boselli He had the third on his feet after Venezuelan referee José Argote Vega sanctioned a penalty handball but goalkeeper Servin went to his right and blocked the shot from the white-and-white striker, denying him a “hat trick” for a perfect night.

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