Markus Söder has apologized to BVB for a flippant remark

Markus Söder has apologized to BVB for a flippant remark

Markus Söder has to acknowledge the sporting reality: The Bavarian Prime Minister now also believes in the championship title for Borussia Dortmund. He has long since apologized to BVB for his “too stupid” line.

Markus Söder said in an interview that he apologized to BVB managing director Aki Watzke immediately after his flippant remark about Borussia Dortmund. At an event during the Munich ATP tennis tournament at the end of April, the politician said: “Borussia Dortmund is actually almost too stupid to become champion.” The reason for the statement was the 3:3 draw of Dortmund at VfB Stuttgart after they had led 3:0. Stuttgart managed to catch up impressively with just ten men and Dortmund failed to draw level with Munich in points.

In a conversation with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, Söder now described the sentence as “exaggerated”. He apologized directly to Watzke at the time. “For him, the matter was immediately settled,” said Söder. Before the last match day, the Bavarian Prime Minister is now convinced that BVB will win the title: “Even if anything can happen in football: It is not very likely that Dortmund will let Mainz take the butter off their bread at home.” Nevertheless, he naturally hopes for Bayern.

Markus Söder first has a fever with 1. FC Nürnberg

Another reason that he supports Bayern is his favorite club, 1. FC Nürnberg (Söder is known to be a native of Nürnberg). Should Dortmund become champions, it would “pain” him, he admitted. “Not only for FC Bayern, but also for 1. FC Nürnberg. Dortmund would then have nine and therefore just as many championship titles as the club – and they would have to share the title of “vice record champion” with BVB.” Dortmund go into the final day of the season next Saturday with a two-point lead over Bayern.

1. FC Nürnberg, who were last German champions in 1968, are playing this weekend to stay in the second division. “It’s a case where you urgently need to ask the football god for support,” said Söder before the “Klubberer” game in Paderborn. “The season is pretty messed up, because the club actually belongs in the first division. After all, unlike FC Bayern, the club can still do it on their own on Sunday.” With a win on Sunday they would be 15th in the table. safely saved, otherwise there is a risk of 16th place and thus relegation.

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