A home title without a brother final

A home title without a brother final
Shamil Borchashvili high-fived with his fans.
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With a final victory over the Ukrainian Mykhailo Svidrak, Shamil Borchashvili clinched a much acclaimed home victory at the Judo Grand Prix in Linz in front of almost 2000 spectators in the Linz Tips Arena. It was the first tournament victory on the World Tour for the 81-kilo fighter. “I’m pleased that I can do that in front of a home audience of all places,” said the 27-year-old Olympic bronze medalist, whose joy was nevertheless a little foam-dampened.

“Unfortunately, the dream final just didn’t work out,” said the Marchtrenker, alluding to his brother Wachid. He had lost to Svidrak in the semifinals because of carelessness on the ground. Since Wachid also lost to the Georgian Dimitri Gochilaidze for bronze, he was left with the unwelcome fifth place – so no joint winner photo.

“Unfortunately Wachid wasn’t as lively this time as he was at the World Cup,” analyzed head coach Yvonne Snir-Bönisch. For the German, a brother duel is “only a matter of time”.

Her first World Tour placement in more than a year was Magda Krssakova, who was fifth up to 63 kilograms. “The mood was really good,” said the recently chosen Linzer, who is now fighting back after a shoulder operation last year.

The fact that there was only one Austrian podium after three medal fights rankled Snir-Bönisch: “We have a laughing eye and a crying eye.” She rated Shamil Borchashvili’s performance as ultimately a “superior tactical performance”.

Tomorrow’s final day is dedicated to the heavy weight classes, on which Daniel Allerstorfer from the Mühlviertel ends his competitive sports career.

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