Tiago Nunes shot against River: “They believe they own the Copa Libertadores, of Conmebol”

Tiago Nunes shot against River: “They believe they own the Copa Libertadores, of Conmebol”

Buenos Aires, May 26 (NA) — Sporting Cristal’s coach, Tiago Nunes, fully targeted River after the 1-1 draw in Peru, and accused Martín Demichelis’s team of believing they own the Copa Libertadores and the conmebol.

As soon as the match ended, the Chilean defender of the Millionaire Paulo Díaz pointed out against the Brazilian coach: “He is a superb man who starts making little gestures and ends up warming us up.”

These statements did not go down well with Nunes, who did not stay down, picked up his gloves and counterattacked the River Plate team: “The people of River always believe they own the Copa Libertadores, Conmebol. We are already used to this.”

And he added: “I as a Brazilian competed many times against them.

I won some, I lost others. But if we here as Peruvians want to compete against them, we have to mark a certain territory. Here is Lima, it is Peru. We are local, we have to make ourselves respected here.”

Later, the Sporting Cristal coach stated that after the first game against River in Argentina he heard “a lot of things” and explained: “A lot of nonsense, we have heard that we are a cowardly team, shitty… things of this type.”

“It seems to me that they were very strong things for a team that in that match had an average of 22.7 years old and today 24 years old. We are a young team that is training players for the future of Cristal and Peruvian soccer,” he remarked.

“Aside from the feeling of pride for our players, it’s not easy. I don’t think quality is based on a nationality, but we were the only Peruvian team that scored on this date. Peruvian teams are not used to fighting for big things in the Cup and we are trying to implement this mentality at Cristal”, stated Tiago Nunes.



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