Def. Unidos was superior and beat Flandria by two goals at the Carlos V stadium

Def.  Unidos was superior and beat Flandria by two goals at the Carlos V stadium

D. Unidos took the three points this Sunday in their visit to Flandria, within the framework of date 18 of zone A of the Argentina tournament – First National Championship 2023. The goals for the visitor were made by Martín Giménez (36′ 2T, free kick) and Javier Velázquez (55′ 2T).

The best player of the match was Martín Giménez. Def Attacker United scored 1 goal.

Javier Velázquez also stood out in the Carlos V stadium. Def’s attacker. United scored 1 goal.

The match had several cautioned: Lucas Seimandi, Matías Nizzo, Damián Zadel and Fabricio Henricot. Julian Marchio was sent off for a direct red card (34′, 2T) and Catriel Sánchez for a direct red card (44′, 2T).

Flandria’s coach, Felipe De La Riva, proposed a 4-4-2 formation with Martín Perafán in goal; Federico Murillo, Nicolás Arrechea, Julian Marchio and Marcos Fernández on the defensive line; Alejandro Altuna, Gonzalo Papa, Marcos Rivadero and Lucas Seimandi in the middle; and Catriel Sánchez and Alejandro Gagliardi in attack.

For its part, Santiago Davio’s team took to the field with a 4-3-3 scheme with Fabricio Henricot under the three sticks; Ariel Morales, Facundo Laumann, Damián Zadel and Lautaro Suárez Costa in defense; Juan Cruz Ponce de León, Matías Nizzo and Benjamín García in midfield; and Felipe Fernandez Palazuelo, Javier Velázquez and Martín Giménez up front.

Kevin Alegre was the referee who led the match at the Carlos V stadium.

Flandria’s next match in the championship will be as a visitor against San Martín (SJ), while D. Unidos will host Alvarado.

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