Fair play action: Admira Linz deliberately allowed the opponent’s goal

Fair play action: Admira Linz deliberately allowed the opponent’s goal
The Admira kickers (left) with a great fair play action
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That’s more than just fair play: in the 1:2 draw against St. Ulrich, the Landesliga Ost club Admira intentionally let their opponent St. Ulrich score the goal in the 94th minute to win. And that although it shouldn’t have been.

In the 94th minute, the Admirans played the ball back to their opponents after an injury break. However, one of the visitors’ players blacked out and caught the ball with his hand in his own penalty area because he thought the game was still interrupted.

Referee Slavomir Schlesinger had no choice but to give Admira a penalty. But it got even stranger: “Our shooter Felix Haas then informed St. Ulrich goalie Alexander Mitterbauer that he would shoot the ball slightly in the middle. Apparently he didn’t believe him and threw himself into a corner, which caused the the ball still went into the goal to make it 1-1,” says Admira coach Stefan Kuranda with a smile. But his team found an answer to that as well. From the kick-off, the opponent was allowed to score the goal to make it 2-1.

Video: Admira Linz’s fair play campaign:

“Actually, fair play would have been over when the ball was returned, but my team arranged it internally so that they didn’t want to equalize like that. I’m really proud of my young team,” says Kuranda. And St. Ulrich’s coach Andreas Milot agreed: “Hats off to Admira Linz. I don’t know if I would have done it that way.” The win keeps his team in the top three.

Hat trick in six minutes

SK Schärding striker Daniel Bares also made positive headlines: In the 4-1 win against Schalchen, the top scorer in the Landesliga West scored a flawless hat trick – and only needed six minutes to do so (38th, 41st, 44th). No wonder the queue of people interested in the 24-year-old Czech is getting longer and longer: Not only half of the Upper Austrian league is after cash, but also regional leagues like Vöcklamarkt or WSC/Hertha. There is a change of coach at Sattledt: Robert Lenz leaves the club at the end of the season.

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