Shameful abuse of authority by Espinoza in Colón-Central Córdoba

Shameful abuse of authority by Espinoza in Colón-Central Córdoba

Colón from Santa Fe and Central Córdoba from Santiago del Estero tied in two goals, for the 18th. professional league datein an entertaining match with changing procedures, which the Santiago team won and which the local team managed to draw.

The “Ferroviario” took the lead in the first half with goals from Lucas Besozzi (5m.) and Leandro Maciel (26m.); while for “Sabalero” they scored in the second stage Ramon Abila (5m) and Fabio Pereyra (8m.) against his bow.

The surprise from the start was given by the Santiago team, well staggered on the field to come out of counterattack and that’s how the first goal came: the team led by Nestor Gorosito after losing a ball in midfield, a pass from Lucas Prawn found besozzi entering the area for an accurate definition to the left post of Ignacio Chicco.

The line of three “sabaleros” central defenders was leaking because the wings were left a gift for “Ferroviario”, since both rock as Moreyra they did not score in the kick and the second goal was coming: another loss of the ball, this time by Julián boy, another defensive error and Maciel made it 2-0 for the visit.

Twice more the team was close Leonardo Madelon to increase the figures in what was painting for a very complicated afternoon for Colón, who did not generate offensively and failed everything from the middle to the back.

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The second half showed the reaction of “Sabalero” after two changes arranged starting by gourmand: Gian Nardelli for Acevedo and Nicolás Troncoso for Julián Chicco. With these arguments, a line of four defenders, four midfielders and two forwards, the team from Santa Fe changed the rhythm of the game.

Immediately, after 5 minutes, “Wanchope” ábila He discounted with a tremendous right-footed shot from the edge of the big area, and three minutes later the equalizer came after a cross that defender Fabio Pereyra converted against his fence.

The game was for Colón, until Fernando Espinoza, who until then had been a good referee, decided to be the same as always and mistakenly sent off Moreyra for a minor foul.

With one more player, Central Córdoba took the lead on the field and generated two dangerous situations, while the red and black team was also able to unbalance in a good game, even process, in which the draw suited the show well.

The “sabaleros” fans had another joy towards the end of the game: the return to the first team of “Joya” Facundo Farías after ligament surgery and 8 months out of the field, who was received with an ovation.

On the next date, Colón will visit San Lorenzo and Central Córdoba will receive Huracán. The “Sabalero” is located in the 20th position. with 19 points, while “Railway” adds 20 and is 18th.

The shameful actions of Espinoza


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