Trial against Villa: what were the player’s last words before the ruling

Trial against Villa: what were the player’s last words before the ruling

The Boca Juniors footballer spoke before the Court handed down its verdict in the trial next Friday. What did he say?


the footballer of Boca Juniors, sebastian villaaffirmed this Tuesday that it is “innocent” and? “I would never hurt Daniela (Cortes) or her family”saying his last words before the Justice dictate next Friday his verdict in the trial that follows him as accused of exercising gender violence against his ex-partner in April 2020 in a house in a private neighborhood in the Buenos Aires town of Canning.

“I am innocent, I believe in God. I believe that everything will turn out well. Everything will turn out in the best way”expressed the Colombian striker before the judge Claudia Davalosin charge of Correctional Court 2 of Lomas de Zamora.


Sebastian Villa.


He April 27, 2020according to Daniela Cortesthe player I hit him after an argument in the neighborhood Saint Thomas of Canning where they lived: it was first a punch and being on the floor gave him kickshe affirmed in the trial when declaring via virtual from Colombia.

For the episode, the prosecution -in charge of Sergio Anauati– asked the judge to sentence the player to two years and three months in prison for conditional execution when considering the facts as proven and, although it was one, he assured that it was not isolatedbut that there were other previous attitudes of physical and psychological violence.

Villa assured that his ex-partner invented the complaint after he will refuse to continue giving him money when she asked him u$s150 thousand to take a private flight to Colombiasince at that time the commercial air activity was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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For the Prosecutor’s Office, the fact is proven not only because of Cortés’s own declaration, of whose account he says that it is crediblebut by other evidence such as having been reviewed by experts a few hours after the event and where the hitsand also due to other evidence such as text messages that she sent to another soccer player, a friend of Villa, regretting the episode of violence of which it was victim.

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