Gonzalo Montiel spoke about his penalty in the world final

Gonzalo Montiel spoke about his penalty in the world final

The defender of Seville Gonzalo Montiel remembered the final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 between the Argentine National Team and its French counterpart in which he converted the penalty with which the “Albiceleste” became champion. In addition, he gave details of that defining penalty and of that month he lived with Lionel Messi.

The former River told how he lives being world champion five months after that consecration: “People let me know all the love, they make me live it. When I enter the networks, they upload things, I see videos and images of the World Cup. How do you not cry? You get emotional, I experienced very nice things in the World Cup, I I really enjoyed it and I’m excited”.

“My family sends me all the videos. I look at them now and I say how crazy. It was a unique moment, a dream. A lot of things happened to me, my sacrifices and those of my family that helped me to be where I am. I am what I am thanks to them”, added the native of González Catán.

In addition, the 26-year-old footballer spoke about how the historic penalty shootout was prepared: “Thank God I was able to do it. The order was already predetermined. Lautaro was fifth, he asked me if I wanted him to kick him but I said no. He wanted to see if I was okay, because he had seen me badly. In the talk with Scaloni was also down, but when we got to the middle of the field I calmed down and became more mentally aware that I had to be well to be able to do it.”.

“I was very bad because I had taken the penalty to make it 3-3. I was down, everything came to my head. I thought of many things. I thought of the team, who had a tremendous game, nothing to achieve it, but in a play unfortunately it hits me in the hand. Everyone benched me, that is important for any player because it gives you peace of mind and confidence,” he added.

Then, Gonzalo Montiel detailed the penalty that made Argentina a three-time world champion: “The days before we always stayed to practice penalties. When it’s my turn, I tried to wait until the last minute and when I saw that she went to one side, I tried to change her to the other. When I started to walk I felt that vibration that It’s time to define it, but when it’s your turn to kick you don’t think about anything anymore, just throw it in”.

“When I score the goal, I start crying, all the people who were in Argentina came to me, those who were in Qatar. It was a unique moment that had no explanation. Thank God I was able to do it and I was able to celebrate with all the people” completed the right side.

What Montiel said about Lionel Messi

Lastly, the player who will play in the UEFA Europa League final against Roma spoke about what it was like that month with Lionel Messi: “As everyone sees him on the pitch, he is an animal, a beast. Off the pitch as well. He deserved it, he was missing the World Cup and he was able to achieve it. He won all the titles and is still the same person, calm and humble The good thing is that he was given the World Cup”.

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