D’Onofrio joined the controversy over the Gallardo statue: “It’s outrageous”

D’Onofrio joined the controversy over the Gallardo statue: “It’s outrageous”

The former president of River broke the silence and joined the controversy over the bulk of the statue that honors Gallardo. He maintained that it is “outrageous” and affirmed that it must be modified.


Rodolfo D’Onofrioformer president of Riverjoined the controversy over the statue of the former coach Marcelo Gallardo due to the bulky size of the figure’s crotch and argued that it is “An atrocity”while he stated that it should be modified.

“I was in the act and I had not seen the statue, I had no idea. I had my back to the presentation and everything that was. What’s more, when we took our photo with the statue behind I didn’t even look at it. I went and When I left, a person asked me about that. I didn’t know, so he told me, he showed me the photo and I told him what an outrage. I don’t agree at all.”expressed d’onofrio in statements to TNT Sports.

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The former president added: “I didn’t speak with the River leaders but I suppose that at this moment they should be looking at how, in what way and with what time they do it. I think this must have a modification because it doesn’t do what River is.”

In that line, d’onofrio continuous: “Everything was so exciting that the next day, when it was on the front page of the newspapers, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I am convinced that the leaders should think in the same way. You don’t have to run, but you do have to solve it.”

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