Sub 20 World Cup: Brazil thrashed and is in the quarterfinals

Sub 20 World Cup: Brazil thrashed and is in the quarterfinals

Brazil thrashed Tunisia 4-1 in La Plata and qualified to play the quarterfinals of the U20 World Cup against Israelin the game played at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, which showed a deplorable grass, unpresentable for a World Cup event.

The goals were scored in the first half by Marcos Leonardo and Andrey Santoswhile in the match discount they increased martins and his own Saints, while ghorbel discounted to seal the result.

The Brazilian “11” imposed a clear physical and football difference in the initial 45 minutes over Tunisia, so the 2-0 could have been wider for the South American team if they had adjusted their aim a little more in front of the goal.

The zero broke after 10 minutes when the Turkish referee meler called a penalty kick. he kicked it Marcos Leonardo strong, low and in the middle to open the scoring with a goalkeeper who played to his left.

The team of Meneses Hubner His insistence did not diminish and, at 20, the Brazilian striker had it again on the edge of the small area but his shot ended with rebounds and into the goalkeeper’s hands Arfraoui.

After 30 minutes, another good combination through the middle of the area and Abdrey Santos It remains hand in hand to cross his shot before the goalkeeper leaves and increase the advantage. At 37, Sávio won on the right wing, finished off at the far post but Arfraoui stretched and managed to take it out for a corner.

Very little from Tunisia, which tried a couple of times to come out against it but without success. She only had one chance at 41 when, after a bad start from the bottom, she was captured by El Djebali who faced the goal and was brought down by Robert at the gate of the area. The judge interpreted that he prevented an obvious goal position and decided to expel the Brazilian central defender.

In the final part, Brazil changed tactics and strategy. With one less, they changed from their usual 4-3-3 to 4-4-1, fell behind in the field and gave the ball to Tunisia, who had several options to discount and get into the game but lacked efficiency.

In the first 15 minutes he had two clear ones with a header from Karim EL Abed that went to the side of the post and a shot from El Djebai that Kaique took for a corner.

At 31, a long ball for Aouani who gained speed and defined the cross to beat the Brazilian goal, but the Turkish referee was called by the VAR and after reviewing the play he observed a hand on the author of the goal and decided to cancel it.

This situation demoralized Tunisia and more goals came towards the end. Brazil, at 45, took a counterattack and Martins hand in hand with the goalkeeper defined the cross for 3-0.

At 55, the referee added 12 minutes, another reply led by Andry Santos who, upon entering the area, finished off high and crossed to score the fourth.

Tunisia was left with the consolation of discounting in the last play. After a series of rebounds, Ghorbel closed the final score for 4-1. The Tunisian juniors left applauded and toured the stands to applaud the 9,175 people who were present at Diego Maradona.

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