Sarmiento and Newell’s opened the date with a very boring tie

Sarmiento and Newell’s opened the date with a very boring tie

Sarmiento and Newell’s Old Boys exhibited a very poor performance in the match that opened in Junín the 19th. Professional League championship date and the final 0-0 was in tune with that inexpressiveness between two teams that seemed to grow fond of the “little point” before starting to play.

The fate of the game depended on the objectives of both, and the conflicting interests ended up coinciding, and that’s how the game turned out: very discreet from start to finish, with no clear scoring options and a tiresome gait of the protagonists at times exasperating.

That this game will quickly become just a simple statistic is given by the fact that Newell’s he was never interested in him, more than what he saw on the field, the need to “get rid of him”, because the bodies of his soccer players were in Junín, but their heads were far away, more precisely in Vila Belmiro, where next Tuesday from 9:30 p.m. he will seek to close the pass to the round of 16 of the South American with Santos.

AND Sarmiento, that he could have taken advantage of this possibility to add three, something that is not bad for him taking into account more than anything the averages for relegation, he also seemed to take refuge in that harmless presence of his rival and never went to attack him decisively.

#Binance Tournament 2023 | Date 19 | Sarmiento-Newell’s summary

Newell’s, tenth in the Professional League championship with 27 points, today his mind is elsewhere, in the international competition that has him as the leader with an ideal score of 12 points in Group E of the Copa Sudamericana, five above his only escort, the Chilean Audax Italiano, with two dates to play (Santos has 4.

AND Sarmiento, twelfth with 25 points, he is very far from the last places in the standings, but very close to the decline in the averages, where only Central Córdoba, from Santiago del Estero, separates him from Platense, which is the penultimate and today for today he is losing the category along with bottom club Arsenal.

Sarmiento will face Independiente on the next date on Friday, June 9 in Avellaneda, while Newell’s Old Boys will compete with Unión on Monday the 12th, starting at 2:00 p.m. in Rosario, for the twentieth date of the Professional League.

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