Relegation: fan riots in the Bielefeld debacle in Wiesbaden

Relegation: fan riots in the Bielefeld debacle in Wiesbaden

Arminia Bielefeld goes under at SV Wehen Wiesbaden. Even worse for the club is the misconduct of its own fans.

Accompanied by serious riots by their own fans, second division Arminia Bielefeld from SV Wehen Wiesbaden was presented.

The Bundesliga relegated last year is about to crash into the 3rd soccer league after an embarrassing 0: 4 (0: 1) in the relegation first leg and has to work through the misconduct of his supporters before the second leg next Tuesday caused a 21-minute break in the game.

Game stopped due to pyrotechnics

After the fourth goal conceded, Arminia fans shot pyrotechnics onto the pitch, some trying to get onto the pitch. Referee Benjamin Brand then sent both teams into the dressing room. What effects the events will have on the second leg next Tuesday was initially unclear.

Ivan Prtajin in the 6th minute, Johannes Wurtz (50th), Benedict Hollerbach (60th) and John Iredale (82nd) ​​scored for the courageous Hessians, who now have the best chance of promotion to the second division after 2007 and have 2019. Bielefeld’s fans, who had previously provoked a game stoppage twice, chanted during the game: “We’re fed up.”

Wiesbaden, who thought they were in second division for a few minutes last Saturday and were then intercepted by VfL Osnabrück, started briskly and rewarded themselves with an early lead. Brooklyn Ezeh asserted himself on the left wing and crossed precisely for the head of striker Prtajin, who pocketed the ball untenable for Arminia goalkeeper Martin Fraisl. It was the 16th goal of the season for the 27-year-old Croatian.

Bielefeld: Little offensive power

The second division found it difficult against the running and fighting hosts. Almost nothing went well in attack and the defense was by no means solid. Especially when the Hessians played forward at high speed, it became dangerous. This was also the case in the 20th minute, when Ezeh was able to run unhindered over half the field with the ball at his foot, but then failed because of the well-reacting Fraisl.

Bielefeld had no chances in the first half. The team of trainer Uwe Koschinat acted pomadig and unimaginative – and was caught cold again after the change. Fraisl scraped a direct free kick from Ezeh out of the corner with difficulty, but Wurtz switched the fastest and converted the rebound to make it 2-0.

And it got even thicker for the guests. When the SVWW counterattacked quickly, Prtajin sent his strike partner Hollerbach, who scored his 15th goal of the season with a low shot from a tight angle. Arminia coach Koschinat then brought in veteran Fabian Klos, who was also unable to turn the tide. Rather Prtajin had the fourth goal for the Hessians on the foot, but his shot bounced off the post. When Iredale scored shortly thereafter, the last fuses blew among the Bielefeld supporters.

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