Blue and white is master! Forward descends

Blue and white is master!  Forward descends
Blau-Wei� Linz is champion

It couldn’t have been more exciting. For a long time it didn’t even look as if the blue and whites would win their own game against the Sturm Graz amateurs, and then everything turned out very differently.

In the 85th minute, Danilo Mitrovic hit the goal with a header that should mean the championship title. A minute later, GAK, who had been at the top of the table up to that point and had to risk everything with the blue and white lead, conceded the goal to make it 0-1 through Gustavo Balotelli. This finally paved the way for the blue and whites.

Before that, nervousness reigned in both games. Both teams had enough chances. The blue and whites turned up after the 0:1 break deficit. Ronivaldo scored right after the restart to make it 1-1 (48th). Because the GAK didn’t score in Vorarlberg, the chances increased by the minute.

With the blue and white lead and GAK behind, it was decided. GAK’s late equalizer through Jovicic and yellow-red for Dornbirn’s goalkeeper Zwischenbrugger didn’t change that (96′). Forward Steyr has to be relegated to the regional league after the 3-0 defeat at Admira.

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