Scaloni turned the page: “We are already thinking about the Qualifiers”

Scaloni turned the page: “We are already thinking about the Qualifiers”

The coach of the Argentine National Team, Lionel Scaloni, left this Tuesday from the Ezeiza Airport as part of the start of the national team’s tour of Asia, in which the world champions will face Australia in Beijing, China, and Indonesia in the capital Jakarta, for the next FIFA date.

“We made a list thinking about those who we think are better for this date. They are nice games to play, a bit far away, yes. The expectation is to see the boys who come for the first time, add minutes and get used to those who are already there. It’s a good test”declared Scaloni thinking about the renewal of the team with the calls of players like Facundo Buonanotte.

And I add: “Since we won the World Cup, we are thinking about continuing to compete and doing things well. You have to try not to make mistakes in the calls. Australia is a very difficult opponent, we already saw it. I was talking to their coach in Qatar. He has a good idea and renewed, they also summoned young players”.

Regarding the assembly of the payroll, the coach confirmed the loss of Gonzalo Montiel due to injury in Seville and ensured that a replacement would hardly arrive due to logistical reasons: “We are going to assess if we add someone. We are out of time, it is such a complicated date for travel, that the player who could come, maybe he will arrive with just enough. We will surely stay like that”.

About expectations for Alexander Garnacho in the senior selection scaloni He announced that the Argentines will be able to see the promise of Manchester United on the field. “Let him join the group, then we will analyze if he plays from the start or will have minutes. He is exciting like other young boys we have. The idea is to make him play and see how he associates with his teammates,” he slipped.

On the other hand, he expressed himself about the uncertain future of Lionel Messi: “Honestly, it doesn’t worry me, I know that in the end they are going to play in good places. What I do want is for them to be happy where they are and have a good time. We do not get involved in football decisions, but we analyze the performance, beyond of the league and the countries”.

Finally, Scaloni supported what was done by the Argentine U-20 team in the World Cup: “It left me very calm how the boys played and how they offered themselves. They were eliminated unfairly. It’s a good image. We have seen the surprises that the other teams have given (Israel, Nigeria, Korea), everything is very even both at a level older as juvenile”.

“Mascherano’s work leaves us satisfied. They are guys we are looking at and we value them as a replacement for the future”sentenced.

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