Scare for Racing: the bus that was taking them to the Maracana collided

Scare for Racing: the bus that was taking them to the Maracana collided

The bus that was transporting the players to the Maracana was involved in a multiple accident. There were no injuries in the delegation.


The bus that transported to the campus of racing Club heading to the stadium maracana of Rio de Janeirowhere tonight he faces the local flamenco for the fifth date of Group A of the Libertadores Cupwas involved in a chain crash in the middle of the access highway to that place with a broken windshield but without physical consequences for the passengers.

“It was an accident caused by some motorcycles that crossed the main bus and there was a chain collision. There were two buses of the three that were transporting our people that were damaged and could not continue, so we went to the third and We were able to continue the journeyexplained the racinguista president, Víctor Blanco, to ESPN.


“Luckily nothing happened, the entire entourage is here. It was fortunately a misfortune. The tension was eased as there were no injuries and we want to convey peace of mind to the relatives that we are all well here,” warned the Racinguista headline.

As there were no physical problems for the players, the match took place as normal.

Source: Ambito

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