Heavenly noma! Uruguay is a finalist in the U20 World Cup

Heavenly noma!  Uruguay is a finalist in the U20 World Cup

Uruguay qualified as a finalist for Sub 20 world after winning 1-0 in the semifinal at Israel, with a goal by Anderson Duarte in the second half at the Ciudad de La Plata Stadium, which was taken over by the Uruguayan public and was attended by 27,860 spectators.

Marcelo Broli’s team will go for their first Under 20 world crown against Italy, who later beat South Korea 2-1. Sunday at 6:00 p.m. in La Plata will be his third attempt to win this tournament: his first final was in 1997 in Malaysia, when he lost to Argentina, and the second in 2013 in Turkey and he lost to France.

Uruguay was second in their area behind England and then in the head-to-head crosses they left Gambia, the United States and Israel on the road.


The Israelis left with the disappointment of defeat but they had a great World Cup, where they eliminated nothing less than Brazil in the quarterfinals.

Uruguay and Israel starred in a very balanced first half in the game where no advantages were taken in search of the World Cup final next Sunday.

The charrúas, with some casualties of base players who have been recovering from injuries, had the best situations through set pieces and counterattacks.

At 9 in the first corner of the game, the Genoa footballer, Alan Maturro, headed in, and Zerfaty had no problem controlling, just like ten minutes later in another corner kick where he tried to define the Chilean kick and the goalkeeper responded well.

Those directed by Marcelo Broli had two other approaches to try to break zero. The first in a play that Israel did not finish well in attack and the light blues came out quickly, Alexander Duarte was enabled and facing the goalkeeper he finished off hard but found a good response from Tomer Zerfaty.

Duarte himself had another at 37, where he dribbled into the area and tried a half turn and his shot went just wide.

Israel, for its part, opted for an associated game although it was difficult for them to break the firm Uruguayan defense. Madmon did it at 24 who finished off cross but without aim. The captain himself had a free kick at 32, which went over the wall but the ball went into the hands of Randall Rodríguez.

At the beginning of the final part, Uruguay showed more ambition and after 5 minutes built a good play on the right, which ended with a pass back and a shot from Duarte that crashed into the right post of the Israeli goalkeeper.

Ofir Haim’s team responded after 7 minutes with a great individual move by their best player Dor Turgeman that was finished off by El Yam Kancepolsky, with a shot that ended in a corner.

At 16, Alan Maturro in a great individual action climbed up the left wing and took a strong left footed shot, crossed from outside the area that hit Zerfaty’s post and on the rebound the ball fell to Duarte who accompanied the play and pushed it to score the light blue goal.

At 39, Israel had the clearest play to get the tie, Omer Senior took advantage of the only failure of the eastern defense, gained speed, went face to face towards the goal and when he tried the long dribble Randall Rodríguez took the ball from him with his hands and avoided equality.

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