Ten years without visiting fans in Argentine soccer: a lost cause?

Ten years without visiting fans in Argentine soccer: a lost cause?

The cost of police operations, the logistics of the bars, the lack of a secure system for the sale of tickets, the capacity of the stadiums and the cultural change due to a naturalized intolerance threaten the ancient folklore that generated the interaction of fans. in a different t-shirt.

“I don’t see enthusiasm from the presidents of the clubs for the return of visiting fans. No one talks to you about that need: firstly because of the cost of the operations and then because, by having the entire field for their fans, they avoid a lot of negative situations”assured edward aparicioresponsible for the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (Aprevide)the body in charge of security in the province of Buenos Aires.

“A structure has already been installed so as not to receive fans from other teams, a lot of things would have to be changed and unsympathetic measures taken towards members who today demand more space. It would be very cumbersome to give visitors a grandstand”considered the president of Students, Martin Gorostegui.

Along the same lines, the owner of Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata, Marian Cowenratified: “The clubs have organized themselves to receive their own members, with some exceptions, and that makes it impossible to give space to rival supporters. That is the most difficult problem to solve.”

“In our case, we could only receive visitors when we finish the work on DAM 2.0 (the new Diego Armando Maradona stadium in La Paternal). Once that is achieved, we depend on the safety of the City and the reciprocity of the club that visits us”clarified Christian MalaspinaPresident of Argentine Juniors.

“At Estudiantes we have a stadium with 32,500 spectators that is too small for us. In all the matches the ticket exchanges that we do by ranking are sold out and the same happens in other clubs”exemplified gorostegui.

This situation is verified every weekend in the stadiums of the big five of the Argentine soccer. Mouth, River, Independent, Racing and San Lorenzo they exhaust all the authorized capacity with the entry of subscribers and members.

The exceptions in the Professional Professional League (LPF) They are made by some clubs in the interior such as Workshops of Cordoba either Godoy Cruz of Mendozawho play in stadiums with a large capacity and reserve a place when they are visited by clubs of important convocation.

“Our Government made that political decision, for Córdoba it is a matter of State to play with both parties”raised the owner of the Sports Safety Council of that province (sewpro), Marcelo Frossasco.

For Aparicio “is a one-day business, the clubs assume the cost of the police operation, they collect from the sale of tickets to visitors and nothing more.”

During the League in progress, workshops received to San Lorenzo and River and assigned to their fans 11,000 tickets to a value of 10,500 pesos plus service charge, located above the price of the popular ticket set by the AFA (3,500 pesos).

“In some stadiums that allow visitors to enter, they set a ticket value that even seems discriminatory. For this reason, it is unimaginable to think of going back to the old scheme”considered the president of Students.

Police operations, another complication

“That adds more complexity to the issue. The costs of security operations would be impossible to afford”warned cowen.

Graphically, the headline of anticipate reported: “Paying for the police force, the transfer of the equipment, the security service and everything related to the current operation already means a very important effort for the clubs. If on top of that you have to think about the presence of the visiting public it becomes practically impossible”.

The province of Buenos Aires organizes near 3,000 games a yearwhich if played with visitors would mean a disorder for the community, according to aparicio.

“It is that most of the stadiums in the province are located in neighborhoods and the arrival of visitors would imply movement restrictions and other complications for the residents”abounded.

“In addition, -he warned-, the problem of escorting the bars is added, which in some cases can be during very long journeys.”

The case that changed stadium scenery forever

“It seems incredible that 10 years have already passed. It’s something very sad because I’m also a fan and seeing your away team is a prize. Hopefully we can gradually correct it”desire Gonzalo Bellosoex-soccer player and maximum authority of Central Rosary.

On June 10, 2013, the AFA took this measure temporarily, until the end of the current tournament, after the death of javier jerez -fan of lanus– due to a confrontation with the Police at the entrance of the Unique Stadium of La Plata.

The decision was going to be reversed at the start of the second semester championship but was finally upheld due to the death of two fans of Mouth in a firefight between factions of “12”which occurred on July 21 in the vicinity of the New Gasometer of San Lorenzowhich raised to 191 the mournful payroll of the argentinian soccer.

“It was a reasonable measure for the moment in which we were living. Today there are some episodes, although isolated, that lead one to think that this measure must be sustained”opined gorostegui.

For example, last Tuesday, fans of Workshops of Cordoba and Chacarita Juniors they staged serious incidents in The Rioja during a game of Argentine Cupthe only competition played in neutral stadiums with the authorized presence of both parties.

By Fernando Bianculli

Source: Ambito

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