Independiente celebrated a vital victory that separates it from the danger zone

Independiente celebrated a vital victory that separates it from the danger zone

Independent moved away from the last positions of the Professional Leagueby consummating a well-deserved victory against sarmiento de Junín 2-0 in a match played tonight in Avellaneda for the twentieth date.

Matías Giménez from San Juan declared the fourth victory of “Red” in the championship with a double. He opened the scoring with a cross definition at 37 minutes in the first half and closed it with a great stop at 7 minutes in the second half.

Independiente won again after two defeats away from home and a draw with Libertadores de América-Ricardo Enrique Bochini. With 21 points, he advanced two steps and broke away from the group of teams that seek to move away from the feared last place in the general table, condemning the First National.

Sarmiento, for his part, resigned an undefeated record of six dates and saw his fence violated after five games. Giménez’s first goal ended with goalkeeper Sebastián Meza’s unbeaten 515-minute goal.

Those led by Israel Damonte completed a lackluster task in Avellaneda and lost the opportunity to recover positions in the table of averages. The defeat kept them in 25th place with 114 points accumulated, only above Arsenal, Instituto de Córdoba and Platense.

Independiente took charge of the game and with limitations but also with a lot of persistence accumulated enough merits to take possession of the victory from the first half.

The partnership between the Uruguayan Baltasar Barcia and “Chaco” Braian Martínez on the right was the resource chosen to disarm a rival that was articulated with a line of three central markers and two withdrawn wingers in search of defensive consistency.

Sarmiento endured without major inconvenience during the first minutes but as the clock ticked down, and in the absence of offensive arguments, he was locked in by an ambitious Independiente out of necessity.

The game began to be resolved for the locals with a corner kick taken by Martín Serrafiore from the left, which Giménez checked with a control and a shot to the far post after weak coverage by Emiliano Méndez.

The weak performance in the first half motivated Damonte to make three substitutions together and a scheme variant with the entry of Guido Mainero (forward) for the injured Alejandro Donatti (defender).

The reaction observed in the first actions of the final part fell apart with the early second goal, the product of a good collective maneuver that exposed a static visiting defense.

The 2-0 score meant a distance that was impossible to overcome for Sarmiento and gave the local peace of mind to manage the rest of the game. The impotence of the “Green” was manifested with the expulsion of Mainero by an elbow.

Independiente embraced victory with the illusion of starting a definitive recovery that clears up all the ghosts.

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