Road Tourism: Mazzacane flew in the Rafaela oval

Road Tourism: Mazzacane flew in the Rafaela oval

The pilot Gaston Mazzacane delivered an image of noticeable improvement in the brand Chevrolet and set the fastest time to go ahead in tomorrow’s first series, after the qualifying round of the Road Tourism (TC) at the autodrome of Rafaelaprovince of Santa Fe.

The 48-year-old motorist from La Plata obtained his eighth pole position in the history of the highest automobile category, by clocking a record of 1m. 26s. 669/1000at an average of 196, 887 kilometers per hour to the Rafaelino oval of 4,740 meters of rope.

In the classification of the seventh round of the championship, the Chevrolet from Balcarceño also stood out santiago mangoni, who achieved the second record, with 1m. 26s. 682/1000.

the reef Valentin Aguirre (Dodge) had the third fastest time, with 1m. 26s. 690/1000, while Matías Rossi (Toyota) from Buenos Aires made the fourth record, with 1m. 26s. 813/1000.

Mariano Werner (Ford), from Paraná, twice TC champion, qualified fifth, at 287 thousandths of a second, while Nicolás Bonelli, also from Entre Ríos (but from Concepción del Uruguay), was sixth, at 358/1000.

Further behind were the Uruguayan Marcos Landa (Torino), Christian Ledesma (Chevrolet) from Mar del Plata, Tres Algarrobos, Juan Martín Trucco (Dodge), and Diego Ciantini (Chevrolet) from Balcarca.

the loberense Jonathan Castilian (Dodge), current leader of the tournament, had to settle for eleventh place, at 627/1000; while José Manuel Urcera (Torino) from Rio Negro qualified thirteenth, at 641/1000.

The final race of the TC on Sunday will be held from 1:20 p.m., 25 laps or 50 minutes long. Previously, the three series will be animated, at 9:30, 10:00 and 10:30, respectively.


Castellano (Dodge), winner of the 2010 edition, up as leader of the championship, with 192 points. Meanwhile, Julián Santero (Ford) from Mendoza is second with 187.5 units.

Further behind are the Uruguayan Mauricio Lambiris (Ford), with 177.5 points; Juan Tomás Catalán Magni (Ford) from Arrecife, 170.5; Werner (Ford) from Entre Ríos, 161; Mangoni (Chevrolet) from Balcarce, 143.5; the Uruguayan Landa (Torino), 142; Ciantini (Chevrolet) from Balcarce, 140.5.

Meanwhile, at TC Pista, Agustín Martínez (Ford) from Entre Ríos and Lucas Valle (Dodge) from Chubut won the two series of the day, 5 laps each. Tomorrow, from 12.10, the final will take place.

Source: Ambito

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