Why did Marcos Rojo have to be expelled for hitting Romero?

Why did Marcos Rojo have to be expelled for hitting Romero?
August 24, 2023 – 11:30

The defender and captain of Boca extended his arm to deliberately hit Maximiliano Romero with his fist before an aerial duel. Despite the fact that the play was in front of the referee, he only received the yellow card. The VAR did not review the reckless action.

red frames He is one of the players with the most arbitration licenses in the Argentine and South American soccer. This was demonstrated on Wednesday night at the candy boxwhere the always lazy Brazilian judge Wilton Sampaio did not firmly apply the regulation against the captain of Mouth.

They were 20 minutes into the game, when Red punched him in the face with his fist Maximilian Romerobefore contesting a divided aerial ball. The action was right in front of the eyes of the Brazilian referee, who limited himself to drawing the yellow card.

The ex students of La Plata He clearly opened his arm beyond his range of action to search for the ball and hit the rival striker’s face with vehemence and malicious intent. Despite all the immediate complaints from the players of racing, in the cabin of VAR they did not review the play or call the judge. Nothing has occurred here.

The match ended 0-0 with a Mouth dominant and red frames he was substituted after 65 minutes. But if the referee made the correct decision and sent off Redthe process of the game would have been very different.

Sampaio It is the same referee who was in the semifinal Boca-River of the Libertadores 2019when for the second leg the “xeneize” won 1-0 with an embarrassing task from the Brazilian judge. River went to the final by 2-0 in the first leg in the Monumentalbut what of Sampaio He is always remembered for the bias of his performance, charging 20 non-existent fouls to the visit.

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