He predicted Barco’s injury in Boca’s series against Racing and anticipated who will go to the semifinals

He predicted Barco’s injury in Boca’s series against Racing and anticipated who will go to the semifinals

series of quarter finals of Libertadores Cup between Mouth and racing burns, it was more even than ever after the zero draw in The Bombonera and left the key open for what will be the return match next Wednesday at the Avellaneda cylinder.

With seasonings to spare in the more than 90 minutes played, the team of Jorge Almiron He was the clear dominator of the game and created the best situations, but he could not with the security of the visiting goalkeeper Gabriel Ariasone of the figures of the tie.

The academyFor her part, she was unknown in the first 45 minutes, but already in the final part, with a different attitude, she matched the actions.

In the absence of goals, the eyes of the first game of the series fell squarely on the worrying departure of the young man and figure of Mouth, Valentine Boat, who had to be replaced a few minutes into the second half due to a problem. Today, after the studied doctors who performed the player, it was found that He has a muscle injury in the left adductor.

Although it is a sensitive loss, the doctors of the establishment They don’t rule him out for the rematch And they will do anything to get him back.

Who is the astrologer who predicted Valentín Barco’s injury?

Giorgio Armas is an Argentine-Peruvian astrologer. which is dedicated to closely monitoring the activity of Boca Juniorsand generated a lot of impact on social networks for anticipating and also hitting other sporting and political events.

The young man, who is currently living in Paraguayanpredicted the injury of Valentine Boat and shared it in a recent interview prior to the duel that starred in the xeneize and the Academy. “I saw the tie and the injury”, he told him astrologer to Ambit.

Likewise, he did not stop sharing his sadness at the departure of the Juvenile of Mouth and shared it with this medium: “Ship He is a very good kid who enjoys playing ball. I’m very sad”.

giorgio astrologo.jpg

Thinking about the return match next Wednesday, Giorgio revealed what the letters showed him and stated that “Boca will pass the series and play the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. It will be a war, very difficult and he will access the next instance with just enough.”

The other predictions of the Boca astrologer

Continuing on the sports planet, Giorgio Armas shared more predictions and pinned them to his personal Facebook account Twitter.

In one of his latest publications, the astrologer remarked that Lionel Messi will have a “beautiful 2023” (he already won a title with inter miami) and also included Julián Álvarez among the most favored names. “The team that has Julián will win everything,” he said about the future of the player Manchester City and the Argentina selection.

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Source: Ambito

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