Alarm in Boca: Boat is in danger for the rematch against Racing

Alarm in Boca: Boat is in danger for the rematch against Racing
August 25, 2023 – 00:00

The youthful Valentín Barco, one of Boca’s figures, has a muscle injury in his left quadriceps and it is very difficult for him to reach the revenge match next Wednesday against Racing for the quarterfinal series of the Copa Libertadores de América. The official part of the club’s medical staff that Boca issued yesterday afternoon states that Barco has a “grade 1/2 muscle injury of the left iliopsoas muscle.”

The 19-year-old midfielder, who on Wednesday night withdrew from the field of play 3 minutes into the second half with tears in his eyes in the goalless draw against the “Academy”, underwent tests yesterday.

According to those close to the Boca coaching staff, despite the injury the footballer would not be ruled out for the rematch. Although they think it’s difficult, they don’t think it’s impossible that he, at least, can be on the substitute bench in Avellaneda.

Meanwhile, coach Jorge Almirón ordered a soccer practice yesterday and stopped a possible eleven to visit Sarmiento next Sunday for the Professional League Cup.

In the rehearsal were those players who did not play against Racing or did it for a few minutes, and surely
this alternative set -with the possibility of having
some headline – be the one who plays the weekend in Junín.

The team formed with Javier García; Marcelo Weigandt, Bruno Valdez, Facundo Roncaglia and Marcelo Saracchi; Ezequiel Bullaude, Jorman Campuzano and Juan Ramírez; Exequiel Zeballos, Darío Benedetto and Lucas Janson.

Those who played against Racing did regenerative exercises and were in the gym.

The squad will return today from 9 o’clock to training at the Ezeiza property and on Saturday after practice they will travel by bus to Junín.

Boca will face Sarmiento as a visitor next Sunday from 5:00 p.m. for the second date of Zone B of the League Cup, with Silvio Trucco refereeing.

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