Scandal in Spain over Rubiales: even the Crown calls for his resignation

Scandal in Spain over Rubiales: even the Crown calls for his resignation

The kings Felipe VI and Letizia decided to postpone until September 19 the date of receipt to the soccer teamin what was read as a strong distance from the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubialesembroiled in a scandal for having given him a kiss in the mouth a player at the title celebrations World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The Real home recently set for September 19 the reception of the kings Felipe and Letizia to the champion delegation, to celebrate their victory, which shows that distances have been marked with respect to rubialeswho resists resigning despite multiple requests in this regard.

As interpreted, leaving practically a month between the victory of the women’s national soccer team and the reception at the Zarzuela Palaceshows the discomfort that a photo produces with rubiales right now.


The Rubiales scandal at the ceremony

rubiales refused to resign on Friday for kissing the soccer player on the mouth Jenni Beautiful after the victory of Spain at the World Cup, stoking anger among the players and government ministers who denounced his actions as unacceptable macho behaviour.

On Friday, in an emergency meeting of the RFEF, rubiales she complained that “fake feminism (…) is trying to kill me” and described the kiss as a “spontaneous, mutual, euphoric and consenting” peak.

Is a pampered peak to get me out of here? I am grateful that in this regard, being in Spain will give me the chance to defend myself and go all the way. Anyone who knows me knows that I am going to fight until the end,” said the leader, provoking applause from a mostly male audience.

Criticism of the behavior of rubiales have increased throughout the week. The incident occurred while the players were receiving their medals after beating on Sunday England 1-0 in the World Cup final, in Sydney, Australia.

As the players passed by, rubiales He grabbed Handsome by the head and planted a kiss on his mouth. What is appreciated is surprise on the part of the player, who did not manage to react.

The reaction of the Spanish government

The government has said it will take the incident to a sports court where, if it is shown the kiss was not consensual, it could be tried under a sexual violence law introduced by the Socialists last year.

the speech of rubiales in the RFEF assembly, prompted the immediate condemnation of the acting Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diazwho called it “unacceptable”.

“The Government must act and take urgent measures: impunity for macho actions is over. Rubiales cannot continue in office,” Díaz wrote on social networks.

Acting Minister for Equality, Irene Monterosaid that the State Attorney General’s Office and the Superior Sports Council must act to protect Beautiful.

The issues of gender have become a prominent theme in Spain in recent years. Tens of thousands of women have participated in marches in the streets to protest against the sexual abuse and violence.

The Socialist-led coalition government has presided over a series of legal reforms, including those on equal pay, abortion, sex work and trans rights.

blondes, 46 years old, assured in his speech that he was Beautiful who initiated physical contact by lifting him off the ground by his hips. He said that she asked him if she could give him “a little bit” and she said “okay”.

“This is unacceptable. It’s over. With you, partner, Jenni Hermoso,” he said at the social network Xformerly known as Twitterhis partner Alexia Putellas.

Some male players also protested. Borja Iglesiasfrom Real Betis said that he would not appear for the national team “until things change and this type of act does not go unpunished

In the final on Sunday, also saw rubiales holding his crotch in celebration while standing with Queen Letizia in a stadium box, for which he apologized on Friday.

For her part, the FIFA opened a disciplinary file against Rubiales on Thursday, after Hermoso said in a statement on Wednesday that his union was working to defend his interests and asked that this type of act “do not go unpunished.”

The footballers union FIFPro said in a statement that he had written to the Uefawhere rubiales is vice president, requesting that he also initiate disciplinary proceedings.

“I am embarrassed by the shame that it continues to pose for Spanish football to have a president of the RFEF who continues to cling to the position,” said the president of FIFPro, David Aganzo.

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