Spanish football federation will initiate legal action against world champion Jenny Hermoso

Spanish football federation will initiate legal action against world champion Jenny Hermoso

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced this Saturday that it will initiate “the corresponding legal actions” against the Iberian world champion soccer player Jenny Beautiful in order to defend the position of the president of the organization Luis Rubialeswho assures that the kiss that he gave him on the lips at the award ceremony of the World Cup held in Oceania was “consensual”.

“The RFEF and the President will demonstrate each of the lies that are spread either by someone on behalf of the player or, if applicable, by the player herself,” the organization said in an official statement, the news agency reported. AFP news.

The announcement originated as a result of statements by Hermoso, a player from Pachuca from Mexico, who said she felt “the victim of an attack” due to Rubiales’s kiss on the mouth after receiving the champion’s medal, after Spain’s victory over England in the Women’s World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand.

The RFEF indicated that it will initiate “the corresponding legal actions” to defend the version of its president, who on the eve refused to resign and went further with his statement that “the kiss on the lips was a consensual gesture.”

For his part, Hermoso assured that he felt “vulnerated and victim of aggression” when he received the kiss at the end of the World Cup final, after having affirmed that “it was not consented to,” recalled AFP.

The RFEF accompanies its statement with four photos to defend its version that it was the player who lifted the president from the ground, and not the other way around, ensuring that “Rubiales’ feet are clearly and manifestly raised from the ground as a result of the action of force exerted by the player”.

In addition, the Federation responded to the international players who announced their refusal to play again with the Spanish National Team under the direction of the current RFEF leaders, recalling that “participation in the National Team is an obligation of all federated persons if they are calls for it.”

Hermoso also received in the last few hours the support of the Mexican Women’s Soccer League and its clubs since she works as a soccer player in that country.

“In the Women’s MX League we defend and protect the rights of our players, managers and staff; we will have zero tolerance for any type of act that violates their integrity,” the organization said.

While tonight various feminist platforms and associations will gather in Granada to request the resignation of the highest authority of Spanish football during the match that Luis Rubiales will attend and that will be played under the name “Friends of Rubiales”, where leaders of Spanish clubs They will support the manager.

“We demand the application of the Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence, the ‘Only If It Is Yes’ Law, the action protocol against Sexual Violence provided for in the Sports Law, sanctions for non-compliance, the demand for responsibilities and that the The Higher Sports Council (CSD) disseminates and promotes prevention actions against sexual harassment or abuse, machismo and it is sexism,” the feminist organizations demanded in a statement, according to the Europa Press news agency.

They also called on society to “react to certain behaviors and attitudes towards women in life in general and in the world of football in particular, which are incompatible with a society that believes in equality. It is a matter of state”.

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