2:0 – LASK’s victory against Austria was worth more than three points

2:0 – LASK’s victory against Austria was worth more than three points
Florian Flecker, Robert Zulj and Ibrahim Mustapha (LASK)
Image: GEPA pictures/ Mathias Mandl (GEPA pictures)

Against Zrinjski Mostar, the athletes showed on Thursday in the play-off first leg (2:1) that they can – but only for 20 minutes. On Sunday evening they went through with the pressing and were rewarded for the effort. Robert Zulj again scored both goals after winning the ball (32nd, 58th).

Both teams started energetically at temperatures of around 20 degrees, but still without a strong move towards the goal. Sageder used the same 3-4-3 formation and line-up as in Thursday’s 2-1 Europa League play-off first-leg win over Zrinjski Mostar. Peter Michorl, Thomas Goiginger and Filip Stojkovic had to sit in the stands. Marvin Martins returned to the back three for Austria, with the Israeli Matan Baltaxa defending on the left. Muharem Huskovic started up front for Aleksandar Jukic.

The first opportunity for LASK was lost in the 13th minute by captain Zulj, who didn’t really get the shot in the penalty area or was defused by FAK goalkeeper Christian Früchtl. However, due to a foul before that, the action would not have counted anyway. In the 16th minute, Austria combined in the direction of the opposing goal, but Dominik Fitz’s shot was blocked.

Linz’s first impressive move ended 1-0 after half an hour: After a few stops the ball came to the right, where Florian Flecker aimed at central man Zulj, who hit his head. LASK now had the game somewhat under control and was more dangerous. Flecker (41′) missed the chance to score the second goal after Zulj’s preparatory work. On the other hand, Dominik Fitz (44th) checked LASK goalie Tobias Lawal.

After the break, the VAR first checked for a possible penalty for the Upper Austrians after Ibrahim Mustapha fell in a duel in the penalty area. Referee Walter Altmann did not give this according to the TV pictures. Nevertheless, LASK stayed on the trigger. Früchtl couldn’t get a hold of Mustapha’s outside instep stabler, Zulj let an opponent step out and then rolled the ball in with the spitz.

The Viennese now intensified their efforts to get into the danger zone, but there was a lack of penetrating power. This resulted in counterattacks and spaces for sometimes pleasing combinations for the athletes. One of them ended with a shot by Rene Renner (68th), who missed. 20-year-old Elias Havel failed just a few seconds after coming on as a substitute in the 77th minute from close range at Früchtl.

In the final phase neither team managed to score. While LASK improved to fifth place in the table with eight points, Austria had to bake smaller rolls. With four points, the “Violets” are only in ninth place, the Violets are no longer represented in the European Cup.

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