Tevez, after his debut at Independiente: “Winning takes time and time is money”

Tevez, after his debut at Independiente: “Winning takes time and time is money”

Carlos Tevez secured a win over Sunday Velez Sarsfield in his coaching debut Independentbut he knows that his work in a team that fights the decline It will be hard, so at the end of the game he remarked that “Winning takes time, and in these cases time is gold”.

“Winning gives you time to work and right now time is money. Because I trust my players to the death and I am with them to the death, but we must continue to grow”pointed You look at the post-match press conference at the “Red” stadium.

“The good thing is that today we were able to propose the intensity that we announced. Of course there are things to improve, but the most important thing is that it was won and I personally felt identified with what the team had done”he highlighted.

Subsequently, he stressed that the presence as holder of Matias Gimenez Rojasauthor of the two goals in the 2-1 victory (the second from a discount penalty and the first a great goal) “never in doubt”and clarified that they are looking for “his best version”.

You lookwho in the last few hours added to his coaching staff Nicholas Chiesaformer field assistant Gustavo Alfaro in the selection of Ecuadoralso warned that the fact that the team’s goalscorer, Martin Cauterucciohas entered from the bench of substitutes “It has to do with what was planned for this game, when in the final stages he could offer everything he has to win the game. That’s what I told him”hill .

and just gimenez rojas also appreciated that “This victory is very important, but we have to keep working. This week we did it in a great way thanks to Tevez, because the group was very down.”

“That is why, as he says, the victory gives us confidence for what follows. And personally I am very happy because I scored these two goals that helped to win and it is important individually to calm anxiety”completed the 24-year-old from San Juan.

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