New York smells of joint: unusual complaints at the US Open for the strong smell of marijuana

New York smells of joint: unusual complaints at the US Open for the strong smell of marijuana
August 30, 2023 – 15:30

There were several tennis players who were upset by the intense aroma they feel on the courts of the New York tournament.

He US Open, the last Grand Slam of the season, is standing out not only for the high level shown in its first week of activity, but also for the intense smell of marijuana that the players smell on the courts of the historic complex USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

The Greek tennis player Maria Sakkari (eighth seed), for example, confirmed to the Chair judge who felt a strong smell while playing his match: “The smell, oh my God… I think it was grass (dope) and that the smell came from the park,” he said.

In this sense, the player confirmed once the game was over that “it was cannabis. It didn’t affect me in any way, it was just a comment, it has nothing to do with the game. In training, but it’s irrelevant. We can’t control it, there’s a park behind it and people can do what they want. You don’t think about it, the only thing that matters to you is winning the game. I didn’t pay much attention to it.”

In tune, the Frenchman Adrian Mannarino, seeded 22ndalso expressed his opinion about it after defeating the Japanese Yosuke Watanuki in it court 9 and slipped: “You have to face it, it is true that the smell is not pleasant. In the four corners of the court there are slightly different smells. It can be grass on one side, shit on the other… It’s not necessarily easy, but you have to do it”.

Smoking marijuana is legal in New York

It is worth specifying and remembering that the consumption of recreational cannabis is legal for adults in New York. In this sense, official sources point out that the over 21 years or more may “smoke or vape” the cannabis Any place where tobacco smoking is allowed.



As if that were not enough, at the beginning of 2021, New York joined other 14 states of the United States that already allowed the use of said substance. It was the local governor himself, Andrew Cuomowho promulgated the reform, in what he considered “a historic day”.

Last year, the renowned tennis player nick kyrgios He was upset by smelling marijuana while playing his match against Benjamin Bonzi: “People don’t know it, but I am asthmatic. When I run from side to side I have a hard time breathing and marijuana is possibly not something I want to breathe in between points,” the Australian said at the time.

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