Boca’s astrologer did not fail and now he predicted how Xeneize will do against Palmeiras

Boca’s astrologer did not fail and now he predicted how Xeneize will do against Palmeiras
August 31, 2023 – 11:18

Giorgio Armas hit the nail on the head again, just as he did with Valentín Barco’s injury and Jorge Almirón’s team qualifying against Racing. Now, he bet big, played it and revealed what will happen in the Copa Libertadores semifinal series against Verdão.

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Giorgio Armasthe famous Boca astrologer who hit the recent victory xeneize in view of Racing, he threw the cards again and anticipated what luck the team will face Jorge Almiron before him palmeirasin one of the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores de América.

With many seasonings on the table, the key against the Brazilian team will throw up a series of situations that they will favor Bocawhich they will have to make the most of if they want to be part of the decisive match of the most important tournament on the continent again.

How will Boca fare against Palmeiras?

The young man astrologer He predicted that they will be two very difficult and even matches, as he predicted in the series against racingbut with positive aspects for the whole of our country.

As relevant data, Weapons assured in dialogue with Ambit that he new champion of the Libertadores Cup “will come out of this duel that will lead Mouth and Palmeiras”.

He also insisted that the Xeneize”will have to go back to use the starting shirt in both games“The moon in Pisces was also fundamental, it put Racing to sleep, buried it and undoubtedly affected penalties,” he said.

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On the other hand, and as predicted with River and Flamengo, palmeiras will pass through a month of September with “many blows” and Boca will be able to take advantage of those shortcomings shown by Verdão.

Finally, he remarked that, regardless of what happens in the other semifinal bracket where international hold by Fluminense or Olimpia (they play today and Flu won 2-0 in the first leg), Boca will win their series and reach a new Copa Libertadores final.

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