Bonmatí won the award for best player of the year and scored against Rubiales

Bonmatí won the award for best player of the year and scored against Rubiales
August 31, 2023 – 19:23

UEFA recognized the Spanish Aitana Bonmatí as the best player of the season and in her award speech she did not let Rubiales’ non-consensual kiss go unnoticed.


Aitana Bonmatichampion of the Champions League with Barcelona and of the World Cup 2023 with the Spain team, won this Thursday the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year Award. In his thank-you speech, he did not miss the moment his team is going through: “As a society We must not allow abuse of power“, he pointed out about the non-consensual kiss of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales to his partner Jennifer Hermoso.

The player was recognized for her excellent performance throughout the year in Barcelona but above all for what was done in the last World Cup in Australia and New Zealand where he was one of the key pieces for Spain will keep the title.

However, and as happened since the end of the tournament, the focus of attention was far from sports. The player took up the speech of Sarina Wiegman, coach of the England women’s team and winner of the UEFA Best Coach of the Year award, who gaveawarded his award to the Spanish team, and acknowledged that “these are not good times for Spanish football”.

To begin his speech he said: “The World Cup has not been held as it should be And I wouldn’t want to let the page turn.” In this way he referred to Rubiales’ non-consensual kiss at the World Cup award ceremony and repudiated: “As a society, We must not allow abuse of power in labor relations and lack of respect. I am with my companions and with Jenni Hermoso”, she said in support of her teammate.


“To all the women suffering the same as Jenni, We are with you and I hope we continue working so that this society improves“, he concluded.

Sarina Wiegman, the best coach of the year, dedicated the award to the Spanish players

The coach of the England women’s team Sarah Wiegmanreceived recognition from the UEFA for the best coach of the year minutes before Bonmatí and in his speech he also spoke about the present of the Spanish team.

In addition to dedicating the award to all the players on her squad, He referred directly to the world champion players.

“What happened in the Spanish team It has hurt me a lot, I am hurt as a coach and mother of two daughters“, he expressed and added in the same sense:”they deserve to celebrate and they deserve to be heard.”

Finally, Wiegman stated: “I remark that There is still a long way to go in the feminine world. I dedicate the trophy to the Spanish team and I ask for applause for them“.

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