Erling Haaland: Strange sleeping tricks are supposed to make him stronger

Erling Haaland: Strange sleeping tricks are supposed to make him stronger

Footballer Erling Haaland swears by strange sleeping techniques: he wears blue light filter glasses and tapes his mouth shut at night. However, it is unclear whether this will actually do anything.

Erling Haaland not only amazed Bundesliga fans with his performances, even after his move to the Premier League to Manchester City for 60 million euros, the striker continued to score reliably. In his first season he scored 36 goals in 35 league games, making him the top scorer in the English league.

Many fans (and probably also opponents) ask themselves: What is the secret of Erling Haaland’s success? It could also have something to do with his sleep. In a podcast, the Norwegian spoke about how his nights go – and they are quite different from normal sleeping habits. Haaland relies on certain tricks that he hopes will increase his athletic performance.

Erling Haaland: His sleeping tricks are not scientifically proven

“I think sleep is the most important thing in the world,” said the 23-year-old. For him, it’s all about the simple things: “I don’t think it makes sense to do a lot of things – but doing small things every day over a longer period of time really pays off.” Haaland puts on blue light sunglasses before going to bed, which he then wears for three hours.

The special glasses are designed to filter blue light and thus improve the quality of sleep. However, a recent overview study by the Cochrane research network came to the conclusion that there is no empirical evidence for this to date. Haaland still seems to be convinced of the effect.

In addition, the Norwegian says he always sleeps with his mouth taped shut – a trend called “mouth taping”. You stick a breathable plaster over your mouth. This technique is also said to have positive effects on sleep and the immune system. However, there is no clear scientific evidence here either.

Cristiano Ronaldo sleeps in different stages

Other world-class players also use strange sleeping tricks. Cristiano Ronaldo is known for practicing polyphasic sleep, i.e. dividing his sleep time into several phases. Following the recommendations of sleep coach Nick Littlehales, the Portuguese takes five 90-minute naps spread over a 24-hour period. This should ensure better recovery and digestion.

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