Huracán-Colón: “six points” match in Parque de los Patricios

Huracán-Colón: “six points” match in Parque de los Patricios

Huracán and Colón de Santa Fe will star today in Parque de los Patricios one of the transcendent crosses in the fight for permanence in the first division, which offers the third date of the League Cup.

The match valid for Zone A will be played at the Palacio Tomás Adolfo Ducó from 7:00 p.m. with arbitration by Fernando Rapallini, who comes from a controversial job in the victory of Independiente over Vélez (2-1) last Sunday, in another final of teams compromised by relegation.

In the annual ranking, nine teams are compacted to a difference of six points and fight to escape the damning last place, which for the moment moves to the penultimate step because Arsenal is losing its category through the table of averages.

Precisely Huracán (28 points) is the one who occupies the feared place so far and will receive Colón, located three points above, which makes the crossing important not only for the eventual sum but also for the chance to complicate a direct rival.

The two arrive at a time of football recovery, apart from the fact that Huracán fell last date against Talleres in Córdoba (1-2) and Colón comes from being eliminated from the Argentine Cup on penalties against the same opponent.

Rapallini’s arbitration will have a special observation after his performance in Avellaneda, which was decisive for the result due to the sanction of a disputed penalty for “Red” at the request of the VAR but without checking it on the screen when added time was played.

Far from receiving a sanction, as sometimes happens after poor arbitration performances, the World Cup referee in Qatar 2022 was ratified with another hot match in the fight for permanence.

In league tournaments, Colón has a six-game lead in history against Huracán. They won 25 games, drew 16 and lost 19 of 60 meetings in the professional era.

= Probable formations =

Hurricane: Lucas Chaves; Lucas Souto or Fernando Torrent, Fernando Tobio, Lucas Carrizo and Guillermo Benítez; Williams Alarcón and Rodrigo Echeverría; Walter Mazzantti, Hector Fertoli, Franco Alfonso; Matías Cóccaro. DT: Diego Martinez.

Colon (Santa Fe): Ignacio Chicco; Alberto Espínola, Paolo Goltz, Facundo Garcés and Rafael Delgado; Stefano Moreyra or Ángel Cardozo Lucena or Leonel Picco and Favio Álvarez; Tomás Galván, Rubén Botta and Damián Batallini; Jorge Benitez. DT: Nestor Gorosito.

Referee: Fernando Rapallini.

VAR: Jorge Balino.

Court: Hurricane.

Start time: 19.

TV: TNT Sports.

Source: Ambito

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