Incredible: Messi is not the richest player at Inter Miami

Incredible: Messi is not the richest player at Inter Miami
September 2, 2023 – 12:20 p.m.

The Argentine star is surpassed by the Ecuadorian Leonardo Campana, who comes from one of the richest families in his country.


the world champion Lionel Messi he is the most talented player in United States Inter Miamibut he is not the most millionaire since he is an Ecuadorian partner Leonardo Campana belongs to one of the richest families in his country, with a heritage that reaches u$s1,000 million.

According to the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Bellquoted by the Spanish coach Felix Sanchez Bas to integrate the Ecuadorian team that will visit the Argentina on Thursday, September 7th in Buenos Aires by South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cupcomes from an incredibly wealthy family.


A family of rich and famous

The main source of this wealth is his grandmother, Isabella Noboa, one of the successful businesswomen in Ecuador. her grandfather, Isidro Campanahelped build the iconic Guayaquil Stadium and served as Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment, generating a huge income after his retirement from professional tennis.

Leonardo’s uncle Alvaro Campanais a tycoon known throughout South America, while another guy, Daniel Noboacould become president of Ecuador.


In terms of personal wealth, Leonardo Campana exceeds so much Cristiano Ronaldo like Messisince it is estimated that it has more than $500 million.

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