Mexico obtains a new victory in the Basketball World Cup

Mexico obtains a new victory in the Basketball World Cup

The Mexican national team achieved a new victory today in the 2023 Indonesia-Japan-Philippines Men’s Basketball World Cup by defeating their Jordanian counterpart, 93-80, in a match that rearranges the rankings from places 17 to 32 of the contest.

In the city of Manila, capital of the Philippines, the Mexican team obtained a new victory, after the one achieved last Thursday against New Zealand, by 108-100

In a match valid for group N, the cast led by DT Omar Quintero showed point guard Gabriel Girón as the main offensive weapon, responsible for 21 points (2-2 in doubles, 4-6 in triples, 5-6 in free throws), 4 rebounds and 3 assists in 36 minutes.

Meanwhile, power forward Fabián Jaimes, who played for Atenas de Córdoba last season, collaborated with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 6 goal passes.

For its part, Venezuela, led by Argentine coach Fernando Duró, fell to Finland 90-75, in group O, in a duel that took place in Okinawa, Japan.

In the ‘vinotinto’ team, which did not have Michael Carreras or Gregory Vargas available due to injuries, the best came from the hand of Pedro Chourio (former Olímpico de La Banda), with an income of 17 goals, 2 rebounds and an assist .

In the Finnish quintet, power forward Lauri Markkanen (Utah Jazz) stood out, with a record of 32 points (6-7 in doubles, 3-6 in triples, 11-12 in free throws) and 9 rebounds in 24m.

The other markers: Angola 78-South Sudan 101; New Zealand 88-Egypt 86; Philippines 96-China 75 (in Manila, Philippines); France 87- Ivory Coast 77; Iran 73-Lebanon 81 (in Jakarta, Indonesia); Japan 80-Cape Verde 71 (in Okinawa, Japan)

Tomorrow, in the fight for the title, the following matches will be held (in Argentine time): Australia-Georgia (4.30, in Okinawa); Italy-Puerto Rico (5.00, in Manila); Greece-Montenegro (5.40, in Manila); Brazil-Latvia (6.45, in Jakarta); Germany-Slovenia (8.10, in Okinawa); Dominican Republic-Serbia (9.00, in Manila); United States-Lithuania (9.40, in Manila) and Spain-Canada (10.30, in Jakarta).

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