Plugin started! Cologne defeats Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0

Plugin started!  Cologne defeats Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0

The second 45 minutes are already played in the Deutsche Bank Park stadium and E. Frankfurt continues to lose 1-0 with Cologne.

The teams come to the match with the need to win. The visit suffered a fall last date, while the local comes from a tie at the Mewa Arena stadium.

Eintracht Frankfurt got just one point in their last game against Mainz, after drawing 1-1.

Colonia comes from losing in their stadium against Wolfsburg by 1 to 2.

The local is in ninth place with 4 points (1 PG – 1 PE), while the visitor has not a single unit and is placed in seventeenth place in the tournament (2 PP).

The designated referee for the match was Florian Badstübner.

Eintracht Frankfurt training today

The team led by Dino Toppmoller approaches their game with a 3-6-1 formation with Kevin Trapp in goal; Willian Pacho, Robin Koch and Tuta in defense; Ellyes Skhiri, Hugo Larsson, Buta, Eric Ebimbe, Mario Götze and Philipp Max in the middle; and Omar Marmoush up front.

Colony formation today

For their part, those led by Steffen Baumgart stand on the field with a 4-5-1 strategy with Marvin Schwäbe defending the goal; Benno Schmitz, Timo Hubers, Leart Paqarada, Julian Chabot at the back; Eric Martel, Dejan Ljubicic, Luca Waldschmidt, Florian Kainz and Linton Maina in midfield; and with Steffen Tigges in attack.

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