Black Wings victorious thanks to Gaffal hat-trick in Nuremberg

Black Wings victorious thanks to Gaffal hat-trick in Nuremberg
Stefan Gaffal celebrated three times
Image: BWL/Reinhard Eisenbauer

It brings back memories – at least for Nuremberg coach Tom Rowe. The ex-coach of the Steinbach Black Wings had to watch on Sunday evening as Stefan Gaffal shot Linz to victory over his Ice Tigers. Gaffal of all things. It was also Linzer who shot the Black Wings to a home win over KAC on March 6, 2020 in Rowe’s penultimate game as Wings coach – the last in front of his own audience. After another win over the Carinthians, the season was canceled due to the pandemic and Rowe was fired by the new management, although he always kept the Linzers in his heart.

But one after anonther. The people of Linz competed in Nuremberg with a mixed ranks again. In the first, Nico Feldner and Stefan Gaffal played alongside Sean Collins. Shawn St-Amant and Brian Lebler flanked Graham Knott, Kilian Rappold and Emilio Romig played with center Brodie Stuart and Niklas Bretschneider centered line four between Jakob Mitsch and Marco Brucker. Rasmus Tirronen was between the post again.

Compared to the game on Thursday in Budweis, the visitors saw a better start: Stefan Gaffal gave Linz a 1-0 lead after a pass from Lorenz Lindner (8th). A good six minutes later, the striker even scored to make it 2-0 after a Feldner assist. Nuremberg improved in the second third and was able to reduce the deficit to 1:2 through Evan Barratt (28th). Ebenjener scored in the final third (52nd) not undeservedly to equalize 2:2. Especially since Nuremberg had a power play in the final minutes of regular time.

Because the extra time didn’t bring a decision either, a penalty shoot-out had to decide. While Roman Kechter, Charlie Gerard and Evan Barratt for the hosts and Graham Knott for Linz failed with their attempts, Gaffal also hit the ultimately decisive penalty.

The eighth test against Straubing, which concludes the preseason, is scheduled for next Saturday, September 9th, in the Linz-AG-Eisarena against the Straubing Tigers. Bayern lost 5-1 to VSV on Sunday.

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