The inconsolable cry of the Banfield goalkeeper: “please don’t take me out”

The inconsolable cry of the Banfield goalkeeper: “please don’t take me out”
September 3, 2023 – 16:42

The Banfield goalkeeper received a blow to the head but did not want to leave despite the decision to replace him.

Bandfield beat Instituto de Córdoba for the third date of the League Cup 1-0 and Facundo Cambeses He was the key figure of the game and ended up scoring a decisive pass that meant the goal. In addition, before that end of the film, the figure of the Drill had suffered a terrible blow to his head that left him unconscious on the floor and he refused to be a replacement crying inconsolably because he wanted to continue on the court. Awesome.

Cambeses covered several goal balls and 34 minutes into the second half fell heavily after colliding in a dispute over a ball and hit his head.

The goalkeeper was lying down and seemed to have fainted, but it was seen that he was conscious when the referee Andrés Merlos approached. Beyond that, it was difficult for him to recover and the Banfield coach, Julio Falcioni, decided to replace him, something that accompanies FIFA’s recommendation to remove a player from the field when he receives a blow to the head.

However, already on his feet, Cambeses refused to leave and little less than begged the collaborators not to make the change. “Please don’t take me away“, he said between tears, and his request took effect because he continued on the field. After that episode, the referee Andrés Merlos decided to add 10 minutes, and it was then that Rivera with a great run on the right, eliminated two rival defenders and defined with left-footed next to Roffo’s right post to unleash the euphoria among his people.

The match analysis

The people from Cordoba could not be effective in the rival goal, so they lost the chance to remain undefeated, so now they are left with four points, while the “Drill” reached six points and added their second success in a row. Both share sixteenth place in the annual table, and they remain far from the relegation zone, although in averages they are somewhat more compromised (Banfield 1,211 and Instituto 1,200).

The home owner was vastly superior in the first half, against a lackluster “Drill” who couldn’t get hold of the ball, and suffered numerous inaccuracies every time he tried to impose the game. He dominated the premises, but could not capture on the scoreboard that superiority that he showed in the first 45 minutes.

On the next date Instituto will play against Talleres at Kempes, and Banfield will be home to host Argentinos Juniors.

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