Banfield took three gold points from Córdoba

Banfield took three gold points from Córdoba

Banfield found an agonizing goal in injury time with a great definition by Gerónimo Rivera and beat Instituto de Córdoba 1-0, in a match valid for the third date of zone A of the League Cup.

Rivera had entered just two minutes before scoring the goal that gave victory to those led by Julius Caesar Falcioniat 49 of the second half.

The people from Cordoba could not be effective in the rival goal, so they lost the chance to remain undefeated, so now they are left with four points, while the “Drill” reached six points and added their second success in a row.

Both share sixteenth place in the annual table, and remain far from the relegation zone, although in averages they are somewhat more compromised (Banfield 1,211 and Instituto 1,200).

The home owner was vastly superior in the first half, against a lackluster “Drill” who couldn’t get hold of the ball, and suffered numerous inaccuracies every time he tried to impose the game.

Defender Juan Franco was about to open the scoring after 15 minutes, when he had to finish off a great collective play by the team, but he was left with little angle when he kicked on goal, and the rival goalkeeper Facundo Cambeses He took the corner with a great stretch.


They dominated the premises, but could not capture the superiority they showed in the first 45 minutes on the scoreboard.

But the visit came out with everything in the complement and had two clear chances when they ran just 2 minutes into that second stage, although he ran into the figure of the “Gloria” goalkeeper. Manuel Roffowho in a couple of good interventions took the shots de Brahian Alemán and Juan Pablo Álvarez.

The promising start of the second half excited those led by Julio Falcionibut quickly the “albirrojos” settled in the field and regained control of the ball.

The “Gloria” was more and he felt that he could keep the victory, but he collided again with his own limitations at the time of closing the plays, so Diego Dabove He moved the bench and sent the Ecuadorian former Newell’s to the field Djorkaeff Reascowho made his debut in the Alta Córdoba team.

28 minutes into that second half, came the best intervention by Cambeses, who with his left leg covered a header from striker Adrián Martínez on the line in the clearest option that the locals had.

Later, the match was held for a few minutes with a particular situation that occurred due to a blow to the head. Cambeses in a fall against the ground, and the doctors told him to leave the field like his teammates, but the goalkeeper refused to leave the field and finally the change was not made.

After that episode, referee Andrés Merlos decided to add 10 minutes, and it was then that Rivera, with a great run on the right, eliminated two rival defenders and defined with his left foot near Roffo’s right post to unleash euphoria among his team.

On the next date Instituto will play against Talleres at Kempes, and Banfield will be home to host Argentinos Juniors.

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