The viral pique of Messi’s bodyguard in the middle of the game to “save” him from a fan

The viral pique of Messi’s bodyguard in the middle of the game to “save” him from a fan
September 4, 2023 – 10:59

Messi’s personal security agent starred in an incredible moment in the last game of Inter Miami. He ran desperately to intercept a fan who invaded the field to hug the “Flea”.

In the game this Sunday night, where inter miami thrashed Los Angeles FC as a visitor, a very particular situation occurred that is already viral on social networks. Yassine Cheukopersonal bodyguard of Lionel Messientered the field running to intercept a fan who wanted to greet the Rosario.

For being the first time Messi played in The Angels There was a lot of expectation from the local public. Therefore, the personal security agent was more attentive than ever. Such is the case that in the epilogue of the match a fan invaded the field to greet his idol face to face. However, Cheuko He prevented it after a colossal pique that is already a trend.

pique bodyguard of messi.mp4

A young fan, wearing the jersey of Barcelonacame out from one of the stands behind the goal, and headed straight for Lionel Messi with the intention of hugging him. However, the bodyguard also invaded the field running at full speed (from the substitute bench) to intercept him and prevent him from touching or damaging the player.


The bodyguard was even faster than the stadium security guards, who failed to stop the fan and arrived after the “10” personal guard.

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