With two fewer players, San Lorenzo salvaged a point in Santa Fe

With two fewer players, San Lorenzo salvaged a point in Santa Fe

Unión de Santa Fe (5 points) drew 1-1 with San Lorenzo (5), which ended with two fewer players, in a lackluster match that closed the completion of the third date, zone B, of the League Cup Professional (LPF).

Paraguayan striker Adam Bareiro (Pt. 24m.) He opened the account for the “Ciclón”. While the attacker Gonzalo Morales (St. 31m.), one of the contest’s top scorers with 4 conquests, established parity for the cast from Santa Fe.

The Nicoleño referee Jorge Baliño took an excessive role due to the zeal he showed to sanction and punish some fouls, yes, while others, no. This is how he expelled visiting players carlos sanchez (St. 34m.) and to the target bareiro (St. 45m.), Within the framework of a climate of disagreement that the visiting bank exhibited, during the final stretch of the match.

With this result, the two teams remain undefeated and the expectation of the leaders, Newell’s Old Boys, Sarmiento de Junín and Racing Club, all with 7 units.

Boedo’s team took the lead, when they had not done any merit to get ahead on the board. What’s more, he hadn’t even fired a shot on goal.

It happened at 24m, when the scorer bareiro (also with 4 goals) accommodated his body in the rival area in front of any local player who tried to prevent his shot. However, the striker hit a strong kick that overcame the goalkeeper’s resistance Sebastian Moyano.

#CopaDeLaLiga 2023 | Date 3 | summary of Union – San Lorenzo

Union, who had handled the ball better during the 20m. initials, he felt the impact of the handicap. However, the “Kily” team gonzalez did not give up the possibility of becoming a protagonist, with a roldan who assumed the reins, well accompanied by the kid Dominatrix, who had the clearest chance at 37m, with a shot that bounced off Campy and neutralized the goal effect carried by the ball.

In the second period, San Lorenzo bet -decidedly- to protect himself very close to the fence of Augustus Battle leaving the ball to a team from Santa Fe, who found it difficult to bring danger, due to the stubbornness of always wanting to advance in the middle.

Until at 31, the kid Morales, in true state of grace, he took an air volley in the middle of the area, after a rebound, and placed the ball over the left post of Battle. The tie was installed as a logical result.

From then until closing San Lorenzo entered a cone of nerves and the imprudence of the “Rock” Sanchez (34m.) and Bareiro (45m.) forced Baliño to make the decision to show the second yellow card, in both cases. Thus, the team led by ruben insua he ended up with capsizing and clinging to the point as the only alternative.

When the contest resumes, after the first window of South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, Unión will visit Newell’s, in Rosario; while San Lorenzo will receive Racing in Bajo Flores. Both matches are valid for the fourth date.

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