Argentina – Primera B: Argentino de Merlo vs. Ituzaingó Date 13

Argentina – Primera B: Argentino de Merlo vs. Ituzaingó Date 13
September 6, 2023 – 00:57

The preview of Argentino de Merlo’s clash against Ituzaingó, to be played at the Juan Carlos Brieva stadium on Saturday, September 9.

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Argentino de Merlo will receive Ituzaingó, within the framework of date 13 of the Argentina tournament – Primera B Season 2023 Championship, next Saturday, September 9, at the Juan Carlos Brieva stadium.

A hard-fought and disputed match is expected between two teams that arrive with confidence thanks to the fact that they managed to defeat their opponents on the previous date.

Argentino de Merlo comes from beating Communications with a score of 1-0. Despite the fact that some results have not been given (accumulate 1 victory, 1 loss and 2 draws), he arrives with drive from his last victory. In these games, he added a figure of 4 goals against and was able to convert 5.

Ituzaingó comes from defeating Fénix with a score of 1 to 0. In the last 4 games, they lost 2 times and equalized in 2 games. He scored 2 goals and they have scored 6 in his bow.

They last played in this competition on May 8, in the Opening of the Argentina tournament – Campeonato Primera B Temporada 2023, and the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Argentine schedule of Merlo and Ituzaingó, according to country

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