LASK: Goal festival and comeback of a crowd favourite

LASK: Goal festival and comeback of a crowd favourite
The LASK completed a successful test.
Image: LASK

LASK used the international break for a friendly soccer game in the voestalpine stadium in Pasching and in the 5:4 (3:1) against the Czech first division 13. Dynamo Budweis not stingy with goals. Moussa Kone (6th, 10th), Florian Flecker (17th), George Bello (65th) and Robert Zulj (66th) scored for the Black and Whites, who got off to a dream start.

Midfield engine and crowd favorite Peter Michorl, who had recently only played with the amateurs, had led LASK onto the lawn as captain, provided an assist and saw the only yellow card in the match.

“It was a decent match for my team. Many players were able to gain important match practice. We did well offensively, but of course we were annoyed by the late goals,” said coach Thomas Sageder. His protégés shot up a temporary 5-1 lead, and in the finish Budweis player Mussa Ali pulled off a flawless hat trick (73′, 84′, 90′).

At LASK, 19-year-old Lukas Jungwirth had guarded the goal, Filip Stojkovic and Kone also got a chance. Ebrima Darboe played until the 39th minute, his replacement was planned in this form.

Meanwhile, advance sales for three-season subscriptions in the Europa League (against Liverpool, Saint-Gilloise and Toulouse) continue, and there are still around 1,500 tickets that are reserved for subscription-plus and LASKler subscription holders until Friday.

Test match: LASK – Dynamo Budweis 5: 4 (3: 1)
Gates: Kone (6th, 10th), Flecker (17th), Bello (65th), Zulj (66th); Ondrasek (15′), Ali (73′, 84′, 90′)
Yellow: Michael
LASK Lineup: young wirth; Stojkovic, Talovierov, Ljubic; Flecker (46th Luckeneder), Darboe (39th Jovicic), Michorl, Bello; Goiginger, Kone (64th Zulj), Zirngast (46th Usor)

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