FIFA audited the Diego Maradona de La Plata stadium as a possible World Cup venue

FIFA audited the Diego Maradona de La Plata stadium as a possible World Cup venue

A delegation from the FIFA audited the Diego Armando Maradona Unique Stadium of the silver as a possible venue for the 2030 Soccer World Cup, if the world Cup was disputed in ArgentinaUruguay, Chile and Paraguay.

This was reported by the Minister of Justice of the province of Buenos Aires, Julio Alakwho in a statement specified that he toured the court with michael boysrepresentative of the FIFA; and the Undersecretary of Sports Infrastructure and Competences of the Nation, Sergio Palmas.

This visit was carried out within the framework of those carried out by the delegations of the highest football body in cities and stadiums that are running as venues.

“One hundred years after the first World Cup in South America, it is an honor that the plata be audited as a sub-venue of the world cup in which they will participate Uruguaythe first champion, and Argentinathe current champion”, said Alak.

On February 7, on the premises of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) in ezeizathe joint candidacy of the four countries was launched with the intention of bringing the Centenary of the World Cup event to its place of origin and, especially, to Uruguaya country that hosted the first world tournament in 1930.


FIFA postpones the election of the 2030 World Cup

The highest body in the world of football has reported that the appointment will take place in December of next year and not in mid-2024, as planned.

It was planned that the FIFA decide by the middle of next year which countries would host the World Cup 2030. However, the highest body in the world of football has decided to postpone said election. Will be on December 2024 when the daisy is defoliated and it is known where the party will be held World Cup 2030. According to RFEF sources consulted by AS, this modification made by the FIFA has nothing to do with him Rubiales casesince the federative entity assures that they have been informed of this change in deadlines for months.

In principle, throughout this month of September the venues to be presented would have to be chosen Spain in his joint candidacy with Portugal and Moroccobut the postponement of FIFA it gives more room to improve the guarantees of the cities that opt ​​for one of the venues.

In the next days of the month of September, representatives of the RFEF, and of the Federations of Portugal and Morocco will hold a meeting to further outline their joint candidacy. The suspension of Luis Rubiales does not seem to change the roadmap set to date by the three federations.


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