Cristiano Ronaldo said that “the rivalry with Messi is over” and filled him with praise

Cristiano Ronaldo said that “the rivalry with Messi is over” and filled him with praise
September 7, 2023 – 11:26

Lionel Messi’s historic rival assured that there is no more rivalry and that the followers of one should not hate the other, since both changed “the history of football”.

The Portuguese crack Cristiano Ronaldo destroyed the supposed football rivalry with Lionel Messi when affirming that together they changed “the history of football” and sent a conciliatory message to their respective admirers.

“Hate (for Messi)? I don’t see things like that, the rivalry is over. It was good, the spectators liked it. Whoever loves Cristiano Ronaldo does not have to hate Messi. We are both very good, we changed history of football”he claimed ronaldo at a press conference in Portugalin the preview of the Qualifiers for the euro 2024.

“We are respected all over the world, that’s the most important thing. He does his way and I do mine. He has done well, from what I’ve seen. Keep going, the legacy continues and I don’t see the rivalry like that”assured the current striker of al nassrof Saudi Arabia.

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“We shared the stage for 15 years and we ended up being, I’m not saying friends, but professional colleagues and we respect each other”pointed out the star of the Portuguese national team.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo They have already left their mark on football history, both in team and individual achievements. Their soccer paths were compared by journalists and fans and their opposing paths deepened with the “Superclásico” of Spain: Messi with the colors of Barcelona and Christian with those of Real Madrid.

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