Reform debate: Hrubesch: DFB didn’t manage to take clubs with them

Reform debate: Hrubesch: DFB didn’t manage to take clubs with them

He was a national player and U21 selection coach: Horst Hrubesch also has his opinion on the DFB reforms in the youth sector. He is critical of one point.

In the discussion about the planned reforms in the youth sector, Horst Hrubesch identified failures on the part of the German Football Association in communication with the clubs.

“I found the plans sometimes productive, sometimes not so much,” said the 72-year-old former national player and former U21 team coach in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. “In general, however, there are a lot of smart people working at the DFB who understand something about the subject – but once again they haven’t managed to get the clubs on board in such a way that there is broad support for it.”

Harsh criticism from Watzke

DFB Vice President Hans-Joachim Watzke fueled the discussion about the planned changes. The 64-year-old described it as “unbelievable and incomprehensible to me” at the DUP Entrepreneurs’ Day in Essen. The core point of the criticism of the planned reforms is again and again that it is supposedly no longer about winning and losing. Most recently, the restructuring of the youth competitions and the abolition of the previous A and B junior federal leagues had been decided.

Hrubesch, who is head of the youth performance center at Hamburger SV, believes it is basically right to take pressure off the players so that they have room for individual development. He just thinks that the thinking was too complicated.

The path that the DFB envisions does not necessarily have to be the right one for every club with a youth performance center and every small club. Hrubesch suggested that clubs should pursue their own philosophy. What is right for Hamburger SV, which wants to stand for offensive football and possession of the ball, does not have to be the same for Bayer Leverkusen or 1. FC Union Berlin.

“You have to respond to the boys and girls individually, look after them humanely, help them, constantly question things – and find out together what is best for them,” explained Hrubesch. “That sounds a bit grandfatherly, but that’s what I believe in – and so far I don’t know of any scheme F that was prescribed from above and was successful.”

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