More complaints against Rubiales: the crime of sexual assault is added to that of coercion

More complaints against Rubiales: the crime of sexual assault is added to that of coercion
September 8, 2023 – 10:45

The president of the Spanish Football Federation is increasingly complicated and added a new complaint in the last few hours for the kiss against the player Jenni Hermoso.

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In Spainthe Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court This Friday he filed a complaint against Luis Rubialespresident of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)by a crime of sexual assault and another of coercion for the non-consensual kiss of Jennifer Hermoso at the award ceremony Women’s World Cup of Australia and New Zealand 2023.

The player stated that she and those around her suffered constant pressure from Rubiales to endorse the version of the president of the RFEF (suspended by FIFA) about the kiss.

The complaint arrived three days after the soccer player appeared before the prosecutor, accompanied by her lawyer, and denounced that the behavior of Rubiales -in the celebration of August 20 in sydney– it was without his consent.

Furthermore, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, Jenni Beautiful He also mentioned in his statement that Rubiales and those close to her repeatedly pressured her and those closest to her to justify and approve the facts. The prosecutor in the case considered that this harassment could constitute a crime of coercion.

“In the complaint, the prosecutor requests that a statement be taken from Luis Rubiales, under investigation, and Jenni Hermoso as a victim. Likewise, she requests that information be collected from the Australian authorities on what is considered a sexual crime in their legislation, to verify if it includes facts like that of the investigated”reported the newspaper El Mundo.

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