Neymar’s new record after Brazil’s win

Neymar’s new record after Brazil’s win

Brazil crushed by 5 to 1 Bolivia at home, in his debut in the South American Qualifiers, in a match played in the city of Belemin which Neymar became the all-time top scorer of the Brazilian team, with 79 goalsafter surpassing the mark of Pelewho scored 77.

Rodrygo on two occasions, Raphinha and Neymaralso with a double, were the authors of the local goals, while Victor Aguilera marked the Bolivian discount.

In the first half, and with the match still tied at zero, the Bolivian goalkeeper Guillermo Viscarra He stopped a penalty kick from Neymar. In any case, as the minutes passed, the locals managed to impose their usual superiority, especially when they are locals, in Qualifiers.

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A procedure favorable to the five-time champions

From the beginning the team led by the interim coach Fernando Diniz He advanced his lines to the rival field and managed to press, and the first clear shot went to Neymar who took a free kick that passed very close to the rival goal.

At 13 minutes, after a hand of Adrian Jusinothe Paraguayan referee Juan Benitez He did not hesitate to call a foul inside the area for the locals, but Neymar the shot failed.

But at 24 minutes, a collective play awarded the first goal of the game to Brazil: Rodrygo He took advantage of a bad rejection and opened the scoring.

With remarkable handling of the game, Brazil tried to extend the advantage and once again Neymar had a great play that did not end in a goal because Viscarra covered again.

As soon as the complement began, an impeccable assist from number 10 gave him a free pass for Raphinha scored 2 to 0. Five minutes later, Rodrygo scored the third and even though the VAR called the referee to check an advanced position of Richarlisonthe referee considered that this did not interfere with the play, and validated it.

After 15 minutes, Neymar He scored the fourth goal against the Bolivian team and became the Brazilian national team’s all-time top scorer. And then came the discount Victor Aguilera for the visiting team.

To have a golden closure, Neymar He scored his 79th goal, sealing the result at 5 to 1.

On the second day, Brazil will visit Peru next Tuesday from 5 p.m., while that same day and time Bolivia will receive Argentina at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz.

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The top scorers of Scratch

1. Neymar Jr. 79 goals

2. Pele 77 goals

3. Ronaldo 62 goals

4. Romario 55 goals

5. Zico 48 goals

6. Baby 40 goals

7. Rivaldo 35 goals

8. Jairzinho 35 goals

9. Ronaldinho 33 goals

10. Ademir 32 goals

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