Martino spoke about Messi’s “tiredness” and the possibility of returning to Inter Miami sooner

Martino spoke about Messi’s “tiredness” and the possibility of returning to Inter Miami sooner
September 9, 2023 – 12:53

While the mystery continues about the presence of the Argentine number 10 in the match in La Paz, the Inter Miami coach mentioned that he looks “tired.”

He DT Gerardo “Tata” Martino I consider that Lionel Andres Messi He is “tired” and referred to the chance of returning to school sooner. Miamiwhile his pair of Selection, Lionel Scalonidoes not confirm if number 10 will be in the second game of this date Qualifiersin view of Bolivia in Peace.

The coach of the American team was consulted about the request of the Flea to leave before the end of the match against Ecuadorwhich was surprising because of its infrequency.

Martinomaintained that according to the reports he received from the Selected Argentine what of Messi They would be “symptoms of fatigue” and that he does not believe that he will return to Major League Soccer early.

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The victory against Ecuador and the concern about Messi’s replacement

The victory against Ecuador at the beginning of the South American Qualifiers to get to World Cup 2026 He left the concern of the Argentina captain’s request to be replaced.

In USAechoed this and when consulted, the technician explained: “In principle it doesn’t seem like anything important but symptoms of tiredness“At least the report we have after the game and we have to wait to know more precisely.”

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Furthermore, regarding the possibility of him rejoining the pink team, the Tata He said: “It’s not something I would dare say. I think today (Friday) could be an important day, but I don’t imagine that if he has the chance to play with Bolivia have the possibility of returning sooner.

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