The incredible statistics of “Chiquito” Romero saving penalties in Boca

The incredible statistics of “Chiquito” Romero saving penalties in Boca
September 11, 2023 – 10:28

Boca’s goalkeeper became an infallible guarantee when it came to penalty shootouts, to the point that Almirón’s team did not know victory any other way.

The archer Sergio Romerowith the overwhelming number of 10 penalties saved out of the 16 he had in Mouthbecame the hero of the last three definitions from the twelve steps and a guarantee under the three posts to boost the classification of the “xeneize” team in the Libertadores Cup and in the Argentine Cup.

His arrival at Mouth In January 2023, she was not seen very well at first due to her lack of play as she was not a starter in the last clubs she was in. But from the penalties she was gaining the trust of the fans and her immovable place in the arch of the “xeneize” team.

With two shots saved in the argentine national team there for him 2014 to give you a pass to the final of the world in Brazil, Rosemary He became a fundamental player for penalty shootouts, not just for the executions themselves, since he has had 12 saves in shootouts from the twelve steps out of the 25 saves he had in his career.

For Mouth He has been important in the last three definitions, where he was the hero with two penalties saved in each of them. The first two occurred within the framework of the Libertadores Cup in view of National of Uruguay and Racing.

Against the Uruguayan team, after equalizing the series of round-trip matches by 0 to 0 and 2 to 2, “Chiquito” contained two penalties -a Daniel Bocanegra and Juan Ramirez– and gave qualification to the quarterfinals to Mouth in the candy box.

And in front of the team Avellanedaafter equaling 0 to 0 in both matches, saved Gonzalo Piovi already Leonardo Sigali to give the team led by Jorge Almiron.

Romero’s historical summary:

Since July 2007, his first penalty that was converted against Heracles Almelo in the Eredivisie -playing for him AZ Alkmaar-, carry 106 shots in his career, of which he converted 77 -43 in definitions-, saved 25 -12 in definitions-, deflected four, and played 12 rounds of which he won five and lost six.

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