Stomach inflammation: Thiem cancels Davis Cup against Portugal

Stomach inflammation: Thiem cancels Davis Cup against Portugal
Dominic Thiem
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The Lower Austrian canceled his appearance at the country comparison on Monday because of a “type C stomach infection”. In addition to taking medication, Thiem now needs rest, said his manager and brother Moritz Thiem. “It makes no sense to send him onto the pitch now after a 10-day break, especially for such an important match.”

After giving up in the second round of the US Open tennis due to stomach problems against eventual US semi-finalist Ben Shelton, Thiem had a four-day examination in Salzburg last week, and the results of a gastroscopy became official on Monday evening.

“Depending on how this turns out, we will see whether I play or not,” Thiem had previously explained at a press conference on the Erste Bank Open. “All the blood tests are already there, I have quite a stomach infection.” He first had complaints in July in Gstaad, before his final in Kitzbühel. After the home tournament things got worse. “It was strange because I was fit. But I threw up every single day. Towards the US Open I became more and more tired.”

He knows the complaints a little from before, but in the training week before the US Open – after the tournament in Winston-Salem was canceled – it “really came to the fore. It kept getting worse instead of better.” At least he hasn’t had to vomit since taking medication. “I’m definitely on the mend.”

Thiem, who has started training again in the last few days, suspects that he may have caught something while eating. “All the traveling, the different food, we’re a little more susceptible to it. If it’s bacteria, I’ll probably get medication.” However, according to his manager, no bacteria such as Helicobacter were detected. Further tournament planning will take place after the medication has been completed.

Thiem had previously sounded confident that he would be able to quickly prove his upward trend again. “I played well in the USA and the fitness level is right. The good thing is that now there is something every week. Davis Cup, when I play, Bad Waltersdorf, then Asia. A chance every week until Metz in mid-November, I think “I’m showing good form. That’s why I want to get fit again as quickly as possible.”

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